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In this day and age, having an entrepreneurship mentor is not enough. With fierce competition and a wider global market brought about by the information super highway, it is crucial to have a mentor who works well for the type of entrepreneur that you are.


In his article for Huffington Post, Tech Elevator Founder and CEO Anthony Hughes talked about five types of mentors namely The Challenger, The Cheerleader, The Educator, The Ideator, and The Connector.

And for starting entrepreneurs, it is somehow imperative to have The Educator as a first mentor.

The Educator is basically someone who can educate an entrepreneur about how a business operates. Though there are many books and articles out there loaded with advice meant to guide you as you turn the key to your business, it is important to have a person who can look over your shoulder as you go along your entrepreneurship journey.

In fact, Clay Clark, founder and COO of business coaching program Thrive15.com, believes that every great business leader has a mentor. In an article for Forbes, Clark talks about the risks of not having a mentor when starting up a business for the first time.

“The problem for most self-starting leaders who do not have a mentor begins when they measure the results and find themselves fully aware of the data and the analytics, but are completely unaware of what to do,” Clark says.

“Although collecting data and measuring results is absolutely essential, it is also a completely useless if you can’t determine what must be done after you have gathered all of the facts,” he added.

Yes, the Internet can provide aspiring entrepreneurs with all the information he or she seeks for. However, all these information just leads to an overwhelming giant wave of data that is difficult to apply to a business without the guidance of someone who has been there.

A good Educator is a little bit of all the other types of mentors - the Educator can challenge you to do your best, cheer you as you go up the entrepreneurship ladder, help you come up with good ideas to innovate your business, and connect you with the people and institutions that can help your venture.

Having The Educator for a mentor is a great investment - it can help you avoid costly mistakes as you build your business from the ground up.

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Manolo Fetalvero

Founder, Singapore Business Village | Helping Working Professionals Build Their Dream Business

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