Look Over My Shoulder – Launch of Ludy’s Kitchen Bread Baking Course


Can't wait any longer, I'm very excited to share this with you.

Maybe you're wondering why I was silent for the past few weeks...

Well, I was busy hatching a plan. I'm going to put one of my well-established business at risk, in order to launch another one in the hope that the new business will bring in more revenue, with higher margin, and more importantly, less work on my part!

Don't worry, this is not a selling pitch, but I do have an offer you might be interested in later. So, read on.

For those who've not visited my websites, I have an online store for my home-based bakery business here in Singapore, selling premium Filipino bread. You can check it out at https://bakery.ludyskitchen.com.

I have a loyal clientele of around 200 customers. And from time to time, some of them would request for me to teach them how to bake these bread. Of course, I always graciously decline. Mainly to safeguard my secret recipes.

I developed these recipes and the baking processes over a period of 5 years, while I was teaching myself how to bake. It didn't occur to me to attend a baking course to hasten the learning process because I was very busy with my work then. Baking was just a hobby. And this was before the boom of instructional videos on YouTube. So, I have to rely on books and my passion for baking & perseverance to test different techniques and ingredients.

When I finally perfected the recipes, we started bringing them to parties, and they loved them. We started to receive requests from close friends to bring them to family gatherings. And that started our home-based baking business.

Ok, enough of history...

The BIG news is, we're now going to release these recipes in an online baking course and live workshops!

I tested my base clientele to check on my numbers and they are very promising.

So, here's the offer to you.

If you're interested, you can journey with me, looking over my shoulder, to see how I'm going to launch this. This is the best time for you to get on board because, at this point, I've only done a survey of my existing customers and have not even recorded 1 video for the course. After sending this out, I'll start to prepare my sales page.;)

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Thanks & God bless!

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