Baking Bread

Ludy's Kitchen Online Course: Baking Bread - The Artisan Way

3 Modules 13 Chapters 72 Lessons Advanced

About this course

Bread - soft, crusty, flavourful & delicious, made with love, freshly-baked every morning (or any time of the day), served to your loved ones.

Get the skills to bake just about any bread your kids would clamour for.

Course Structure

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3 Chapters

Module 1: Back To Basics - Understanding Bread Making

Demystify the art and science of bread making. There's no better way to do this than the traditional, artisanal way.

- Learn how and why we mix ingredients in certain ways.
- Understand what fermentation does and how it affects the baking process.
- What makes a crispy crusty bread?
- How do you achieve a soft, milky & creamy crumb?
- Why some bread are dense and others airy and light?
- Understand the role every ingredient play in the making of bread.

And like any craftsman, learn the tools of the trade.

Chapter 1: Tools & Techniques 8 Lessons

Tools For The Artisan Baker

One of the reasons why I chose Artisan Home Baking is its traditional simplicity. You don't need lots of tools.

Mixing & Being True To The Recipe

Have you tried to follow a recipe before and you came up with something other than your expectations?

I saw a very promising recipe once and used the ingredients exactly in their corresponding proportions. But I processed and baked it in my own way.

"... why put the salt in this part of the recipe? That's silly, I'll do it my way..."

Well, it disappointed me and I blamed it on the recipe.

Then I had an "inspiration" and decided to give it another try, this time following the instructions to the letter. Surprise, surprise! It came out differently and exceeded my expectations.

Hydration, Water Absorption & Autolyse Process

Water works wonders!

... when coupled with patience.

Kneading - Common Practice

This is the usual way of kneading that you are familiar with.

Kneading - Slap-Stretch-Fold

A way of working the dough while incorporating more air into it.

Huh? What air? It's not in the recipe!?!

Kneading - Stretch-Fold-Rest

Do you like multi-tasking?

For the time-pressed baker... the best way not to knead your dough.

Pre-ferment or Poolish

Erhh... what?

Pssst! let me tell you a secret...

Bulk Proofing & Folding

Now it's time to relax, take a cuppa, enjoy the moment.

Are we there yet?

Chapter 2: Understanding Ingredients 5 Lessons


Have you been to the baking section of your grocery store?

Why are there so MANY TYPES of flour?!?

What do I need?


Sure! I know that...

Fresh Cake Yeast, Instant Dry Yeast, Natural Yeast... what's that again?


Uh-huh... yes, sure... everything needs salt...

So, how much?


Of course! You need them to bind all your dry ingredients... Right?

Other Ingredients

What? That's it? That's all I need to make bread?

Chapter 3: Let's Make Some Bread! 3 Lessons

The Baker's Percentage

O-oh... Maths? I thought we're baking???

Cutting, Moulding & Final Proofing

Ok, back to making bread!

What final proofing? I thought we just did that?

Premium Course
3 Chapters

Module 3: Pizza! And The Wonderful World Of Focaccia

When my three boys were growing up, they were picky eaters. And I was in a constant search for food that they would eat.

As a hobbyist artisan baker, I decided to concentrate my research on bread, since this has become one of their favourite staple food. And I found the versatility and simplicity of the focaccia bread as the best way to satiate their appetite. Their favourite? Daddy's Pizza of course!

But focaccia is much much more than just pizza.

Once you learn how to make one, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you and your family. Limited only by your imagination.