The Customer Is Always Right, Really?

I hate the saying "The customer is always right". Because they are not. No one is. Even if they are the majority in any survey, it only means that they are espousing a popular opinion. And we all know, from history, that popular opinions are not necessarily the right.

"Google" it right now, and your search will result in quite a number of negative sentiments on this.

But as I reflect on this post, More Customers vs For Customers (via The Story of Telling), and my own experiences, I found a deeper insight that may help you in your business or in your career. That is, it pays to be nice to people - actively seeking the welfare of others, as opposed to "looking out for number one", the phrase we use in the '90s for "me first".

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Overcoming The Curse Of Perfectionism: How To Get Your Business Rolling

Many aspiring entrepreneurs end up stuck in a rut a few days, weeks, or even months after coming up with a business idea. The reason? Not laziness or lack of passion, but something completely opposite - perfectionism.

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Want To Start A Business But Afraid Of Making Costly Mistakes?

In this day and age, having an entrepreneurship mentor is not enough. With fierce competition and a wider global market brought about by the information super highway, it is crucial to have a mentor who works well for the type of entrepreneur that you are.

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5 Types Of Mentors: Which One Works Best For You?

It’s undeniable - having a mentor to guide you is an indispensable part of one’s journey towards successful entrepreneurship. 

However, not all mentors are created equal. There are several types of mentors, both online and off-line, and who works well for you may all depend on the type of entrepreneur you are.

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Why Entrepreneurship Without A Proper Mentor Can Lead To Financial Self-Sabotage

Most aspiring entrepreneurs setting up their business are usually excited to get out of the corporate rat race and be their own boss. Often, they value their newfound freedom so much, they veer away from any road that would require them to follow another person.

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