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ludys kitchen baking course

In this course, you will learn the step-by-step process in baking soft, crusty, delicious and flavourful bread. Level up in your baking skills with lessons and results that you can replicate over and over again.

I'll walk with you hand-in-hand and teach you all the knowledge and all the skills you'll need to bake the best bread for your loved ones. I will teach you all the techniques and recipes that made Ludy's Kitchen Filipino breads the runaway favourites in Singapore.

Hear what some of our customers are saying:

Garlic Herb Focaccia -- Soft, fluffy and flavourful!

I bought a pack and my kids finished half a dozen in one sitting!

Ludy's Kitchen focaccia keeps well in the fridge, the site says up to a week, but we finished them way before then. Just heat it up in the toaster and they come out like freshly baked and delicious!

Love it!

Pamela Lim

"It's so good!"

My favourite Ludy's Kitchen bread is the focaccia and the ensaymada.

The smell of the focaccia, when warmed, smells so inviting and taste so well eaten on its own.

The syrupy ensaymada has a great balance of salt from cheese and sweet from the sugar. When my husband first ate it, he repeatedly said "It's so good!". He even asked if there were more after we have finished them. It is versatile! Fragrant and taste so good eaten on its own or with stew or soup.

Yes, I have bought focaccia from other bakeries. Ludy's Kitchen's have a strong fragrance and taste of the olive oil and rosemary.

Ludy's Kitchen gives good instructions on how to enjoy the bread and keep it.

Frances Ng

Pandesal. Chewy and filling

Even my child who is picky loves it

Never got to try to keep it too long coz it's always finished in one sitting.

We tried one at Lucky Plaza. Not as good as yours.

This husband-and-wife run company ensures that it provides a personalized and warm service. Quality of products is consistently good. Delivery is flexible in both time and place.

Kat Manalang

Here's a summary of each module:


Back To Basics: Understanding Bread Making

ludys kitchen baking course

This module will breakdown the complex world of bread making. From ingredients to proper techniques to necessary tools.

I espouse the artisanal way of baking - natural ingredients prepared in the traditional way.

The home baking world has been commercialized so much. There are a plethora of tools that sprung up in the last couple of years, making it difficult to decide which ones are the right one for the job. I will help you sieve through them and I'll make my suggestions based on the artisanal way of baking.

YouTube is revolutionizing the digital education system. Unfortunately, there's no proper regulation of the published content in the platform. So, you'll find so many ways of doing the same thing. In this module, I will teach you the traditional, artisanal techniques.

After completing this module, you'll be able to bake any type of bread. All you need is the recipe.


Pandesal & Other Filipino Bread Favourites


In this module, I will spill the beans. I will teach you how to make your favourite Filipino bread using the recipes I developed - Pandesal, Ensaymada, Spanish Bread, etc.

I developed these recipes and techniques over a period of 5 years, while I was learning how to bake. I did not attend a baking course to hasten the learning process because I was very busy with my work then. Baking was just a hobby. And this was before the boom of instructional videos on YouTube. So, I have to rely on books and my passion for baking & perseverance to test different techniques and ingredients.

Now, if you enrol in this course, you won't have to go through the trial & error that I've gone through. I will teach you all the recipes and techniques. I will even point out to you where you can tweak them to come up with your own version.


Pizza! And The Wonderful World Of Focaccia


Focaccia is a very versatile bread. Different regions in Italy and parts of the world have incorporated their uniqueness into this wonderful flatbread. The result, the number of different types is limited only by the imagination.

In this module, I will introduce to you the basic focaccia. From there, I will show you what to tweak and change or add on for you to come up with your own.

Then I will teach you my 3 favourite Pizzas!

Choose Your Cup of Tea


Online Course

  • Lifetime Access to the course
  • Video lessons on demand - watch them over and over again to master the art
  • Downloadable checklists and recipes (PDFs) - to help you as you prepare & bake


Live Workshop

Bonding Time with your family & friends

  • Includes FULL Access to the Online Course
  • Lifetime Access to the workshop recordings
  • Workshop runs for 3 Saturday afternoons, 4-hrs each
  • All tools and ingredients will be provided
  • Great bonding moment - bring your family & friends (terms apply)

* Bringing Family & Friends In The Live Workshop? You're allowed to bring 2 companions to the workshop, as long as they will not use any of the other participants tools & ingredients. They can only help you with yours.

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